Click & Collect

This page will explain how to collect your cider and perry from Ross on Wye Cider & Perry Co. at the Yew Tree Inn, Peterstow, HR9 6JZ, once you have ordered it.

When you order and pay, we receive a notification informing us. We'll then start preparing your order as soon as possible and in most cases it will be ready to pickup the next day of opening.

We are open Tuesday 2-4pm by arrangement with , Friday 5-8 and Saturday 5-8pm.

You can order pizza to collect at the same time as your cider by contacting Chiara's Pizza Kitchen directly by facebook, or email -

If you order before 5pm, your cider will be almost always be available same day. Even so, please only come if you have had confirmation your order is available. If you come before this, it shouldn't be a problem, but you may have to wait for us to fulfill your order. In rare circumstances, we may not have your order in stock in the shop.

When you arrive, please contact 07873217225, or ring our Cider Click and Collect Bell to let us know you are here for your cider collection.

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