Mixed Fermentation Beer - All Amongst The Barley - 750ml bottled Ross on Wye Cider & Perry Co. Ltd.

Mixed Fermentation Beer - All Amongst The Barley - 750ml

Ross on Wye Cider & Perry Co. Ltd.
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Mixed Fermentation Beer - Collaboration with Odyssey Brew Co

All Amongst The Barley is a drink that arrives in three parts.

A beer/cider hybrid made with our friends from North Herefordshire.

Odyssey produced a smiple pale wort with aged hops from a local hop farm, fermented with an expressive English Ale Yeast. The resulting beer was transferred to Ross on Wye's freshly emptied cider barrels to undergo secondary fermentation on the cider lees, and then lightly bottle conditioned. The final beer is a unique meeting point of brewery, cidery and barrel, capturing the spirit of both producers and truly expressing their shared home - Herefordshire.

There are three  different bottlings, each one from barrels that came from a different distillery before they arrived at the Cidery. At bottling we kept the barrels distinct. Each one is the same beer, but from a different barrel. The only slight difference is the Laphroaig barrel has around 25% cider added to topup, as we ran out of beer wort!

7.2% - 750ml - THIS IS A BEER

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